Crystal Meth Anonymous 
Texas Area Committee/Intergroup  
Contacting Us
Please use the form below to send us a message.  We welcome any inquiry regarding the CMA program, meeting information, area support, or other general questions.  There is no question too small for us.  We are here for to be of service to you.
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To The Media

We request your continued cooperation in protecting the anonymity of our members at the level of press, radio and film. We ask, therefore, that when presenting CMA members in all forms of public media:

               - You use their first names and last initials only.
               - You do not use pictures in which their faces may be recognized.

Anonymity is the spiritual foundation of our Fellowship and assures our members that their recovery will be private. Our experience and long-standing twelve step tradition (the Twelve Traditions which guide our organizational operations can be found here) have shown that the active addict may avoid any source of help which might reveal his or her identity.

Individual recovering addicts may waive the anonymity request when speaking with you, but we ask that you consider our request for anonymity to supersede any waiver they may make. While some might seek publicity and individual recognition, we have found that this may endanger the work of helping other addicts to recover.

Crystal Meth Anonymous is not affiliated with any other organization, although we have adapted AA‘s Twelve Steps for our use. CMA is self-supporting, declining any outside contributions; and we are nonprofessional, offering only the voluntary support of one recovering addict helping another.
Favorable media coverage of our program and the dangers of crystal meth have been a valuable means of bringing addicts into our Fellowship. You have helped make this possible, and for that we thank you.

24-Hour National Helpline

Think you may have a problem with crystal meth?
Call the CMA Helpline at:
1 (855) METH-FREE or 1 (855) 638-4373
CMA's 24-Hour Helpline is available to provide information and offer support to anyone seeking recovery from crystal meth addiction. Please note the Helpline is not a crisis hotline and therefore not equipped to respond to emergencies or answer any questions of a medical or legal nature.
Although we have volunteers 24-hours a day, some calls do get sent to a voicemail system. If that happens, please leave a message including your phone number so we can call you back as soon as possible.